Our story

I'm Anisha Biharie, founder of Rivaana Skincare. I would like to welcome you to the world of Rivaana, the world in which, based on my personal story , I started looking for natural skin care that makes eczema skin shine and makes life more beautiful. I would like to tell you more about this...

In 2018 our son, Armaan, was born. On day 10 we saw some pimples appear on him. These were sebaceous bumps that worsened after a few days into baby acne, with the subsequent finding that Armaan was born with atopic eczema.

Desperate mother

To combat the itching and to suppress the skin, we were prescribed special clothing and a very light hormone ointment that you only had to apply to the spots where the wounds were. However, Armaan's wounds were everywhere and as a desperate new mother I rubbed this cream all over his body because it helped and in no time his eczema and accompanying itching were gone! But after stopping the hormone cream, the eczema returned after two weeks. And when we returned to the dermatologist, we were again given hormone ointment in a different quantity.

4 years later, from consultation to consultation and ongoing with dermatologists in the Netherlands to Belgium, the struggle with Armaan's skin continued.

Unfortunately, eczema is not rare and many people deal with it in different forms. Although it is not a 'disease', the itching makes life far from restful. And then you also have scars, open wounds and spots such as hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation that mark you as a person and can hinder or make you insecure in your daily functioning.

My son became a guinea pig for the cosmetics world

Then one day my son came from the indoor playground and asked, “Why do I look like a grandpa?” , this broke my heart. Children asked him what had happened to his skin. His skin was full of scars, spots and wrinkles.

I couldn't find the right solution and skin care during and after the flare-ups. At a certain point I no longer knew what I was doing right with Armaan. In this way he unintentionally became a guinea pig for the cosmetic world.

I met several 'fellow sufferers' during my search for the right solution.

Armaan als proefkonijn voor de cometicawereld

I don't believe in miracle cures, but I do believe:

• in the power of nature
• in the power of simplicity
• that the best advice comes from experience.

Based on this mindset, I started looking for natural ingredients for a cream that nourishes, soothes and (re)makes eczema skin shine. After studying scientific research and listening and reading experiences, I started experimenting from my own kitchen and developed a cream.

The main ingredient I found is rosehip oil. I got to know this ingredient better after I went to a rose hip garden in the Netherlands with my son and learned the history of the powers of this fruit. A product with a magical effect that I did not know before; a touch of gold from nature .

I wanted to create multifunctional skin care products that could be spread freely on skin with eczema for young and old. Skin care that, in particular, could let my child be a child again.

After many experiments and mixtures, I finally developed a cream that did not burn the skin, hydrated, relieved itching and even faded damage to the skin. However, I had no idea how to keep this cream lasting.

After a lot of research, I ended up at a laboratory that wanted to help me. Together we have put together Rivaana, the cream. A restorative maintenance cream for eczema skin.

Rivaana Anisha in Rozenbotteltuin

Rivaana stands for our core values: Rich, Value and Nature.