Skin care to raise a new generation.

Future proof

At Rivaana Skincare we are convinced that when scientific knowledge and the forces of nature merge and expertise combines with personal experiences, a wonderful synergy can arise.

Happy healthy skin

Ensuring happy healthy skin is timeless. Rivaana Skincare stands for family-friendly skin care to raise a new generation. That is why we take into account the wishes of generations sustainability.

Consume less

"Caring for nature is taking care of yourself."

At Rivaana Skincare, we strongly believe in the power of "less is more" when it comes to achieving healthy skin for all ages and promoting environmental awareness. We believe that simple, targeted ingredients and minimalist approaches to skin care are not only effective, but also sustainable for both the skin and our planet.

At Rivaana Skincare, no multi-step plan has been created consisting of different creams. We make no distinction between day and night care or age-related skin care. With the one-size-fits-all restorative maintenance cream you are always well cared for and protected.

Community initiatives

When searching for high-quality ingredients, we focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. We try to source the ingredients as close to our laboratory as possible.

But more importantly; our mission extends to supporting community initiatives that have a positive impact on the world. One of our most meaningful collaborations is with Savannah Fruits .

This organization gives African rural women a job by allowing them to harvest and process natural products in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

The entire chain can be fully traced: from collecting nuts in West Africa to refining and packaging in Europe. Everything is handmade according to traditional methods, with respect for nature and the people who are part of the chain.


Rivaana, the cream is in a jar made of the material Sulapac. Sulapac is biodegradable, leaving little to no plastic waste that needs to be burned. In this way we reduce CO2 emissions and try to contribute to accelerating a world with less plastic waste. A future without plastic waste is (still) unthinkable. However, the beginning lies in small changes.

Sulapac stands for Superior quality without compromises.

Recycled kraft paper and vegetable ink.
Our gasket materials are made from recycled kraft paper. We also use paper tape instead of plastic tape to minimize the use of plastic. The packaging, leaflets and cards are printed with vegetable-based ink.


The production of Rivaana the cream takes place in a laboratory in Belgium that works entirely on solar energy. At the beginning of April 2024, the laboratory switched to full solar energy and all production runs on it. The laboratory has 130 solar panels.


Huidfonds Nederland, a Dutch foundation, wants to draw attention to the importance of healthy skin by raising donations and entering into partnerships. In this way, they can use public education to prevent skin diseases and improve the quality of skin care. In addition, in their public campaign they give “skin heroes” the opportunity to share their experiences with other beautiful people.

“After all, it's about who you are, not what you look like. We strive for a world where people are confident and positive. About themselves and each other." - The Skin Fund.

We support this initiative with Rivaana Skicare. Through our own personal experiences we know how important it is to give the skin the love it deserves. That is why we are a donor to this foundation.