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1 cream for multiple purposes? Then you can! We are happy to explain why.

Rivaana the cream is not a medication , but a cosmetic product.

Rivaana, the cream, is a versatile cosmetic solution for various skin problems, from dryness to acne, that contains both moisturizing and restorative ingredients. Safe for all ages, this cream offers a natural approach to skin care. Discover the benefits of this unique formula for the following skin needs:

(Extremely) dry skin indicates a weaker lipid layer and a shortage of (oil) fat, which leads to moisture loss and dehydration. A dry skin type can arise genetically, but can also be caused by external influences such as seasonal changes, hot (long) showers, incorrect soap/ointments or medication.

Our cream not only contains ingredients that have a moisturizing effect, but also prevents moisture evaporation. These working forces therefore optimally ensure dry skin and bring it back into balance.

Scars and stretch marks that appear after a wound or stretching of the skin cannot simply be faded. The skin naturally needs time to recover. Sometimes scars fade on their own, sometimes this is insurmountable and sometimes the skin flora needs an extra boost.

Ingredients with healing properties in combination with ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier and stimulate cell generation make the skin smoother and even out scars and stretch marks. Both ingredients are in high doses in our cream.

Itching can be worse than pain. But other irritations such as redness, rash or flakes can also hinder your daily functioning. It is therefore important to keep the skin flora well hydrated with moisturizing natural ingredients in combination with soothing ingredients such as oat extract.

Combining a natural moisturizer with the right natural vitamin ensures that the skin elasticity remains in the right condition and the anti-aging process is inhibited in a natural way. Rivaana, the cream provides a more youthful look in a natural and healthy way.

Where it started: eczema.

The combination of healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients ensures that a skin condition (such as eczema) is soothed after a flare-up, the tight feeling is reduced and itching is relieved. NB! Eczema or other skin conditions will not be helped by the cream, because skin conditions often arise from within. However, the right finishing touch can contribute to lighting and blurring. And that is what Rivaana, the cream, does; provide proper aftercare.

Not all cosmetic products should be used on (sensitive) baby skin. This requires additional certificates and multiple scientific studies. Rivaana, the cream has complete documentation and is therefore safe to use on baby and children's skin.

Our cream protects baby skin, reduces redness (also on the buttocks) and restores and cares for the most sensitive baby skin from day one. With the natural sebum ingredients in the cream, it feels like a welcome addition to a daily baby care routine for the smallest babies.

We speak of hyperpigmentation when there is an accumulation of pigment in parts of the skin. The skin then turns brown due to pigment. Hyperpigmentation therefore looks like a darker colored area of ​​skin, or a collection of freckles/spots.

Hypopigmentation is a shortage of pigment or pigment-containing cells in the skin, which causes white spots to appear on the skin.

Although Rivaana Skincare did not focus on combating hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, several studies and voluntary tests show that hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation is also a thing of the past with this cream!

Acne or pimples. The statement that these conditions arise from impure skin is not true. Even very well cleansed skin can suffer from acne and pimples. The cause is often and mainly hormonal. The inflammation that occurs around hair follicles and sebaceous glands can be prevented by the right anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients in combination with natural ingredients that combat clogged pores.
Rivaana, the cream has been proven effective against acne and other hormonal pimples.

Taking care of nature , is taking care of yourself