Skincare for an eczema-affected skin

100% natural, 0% hormones.

A restorative maintenance cream

Skin care aimed at regulating a healthy skin balance. With a silky feeling of freshness, 'the cream' covers the charge and mission to achieve more for eczema skin with 1 product.

Rich , Value & Nature

I don't believe in miracle cures, but I do believe:

• in the power of nature
• in the power of simplicity
• that the best advice comes from experience

I'm Anisha Biharie , the founder of Rivaana Skincare. I would like to welcome you to the world of Rivaana, the world in which, based on my personal story, I started looking for natural skin care that makes eczema skin shine and makes life more beautiful. I would like to tell you more about this...



My newborn daughter had dry and flaky skin. I immediately noticed a difference when I applied the cream. Her dry skin was immediately nourished and the spots seemed a lot less dry. Great that her skin responds well to it and also smells wonderful.


Pleasant, well-scented cream. My dry legs look very fresh and soft after 2 weeks of use. I am a fan!


The smell is absolutely wonderful. When I opened the jar, I smelled it right away. I feel like smearing it all over my body straight away. My son now has to believe it too.


I am really happy with this cream! I am currently heavily pregnant, so I would really like to use this cream for my baby. My hands really like this cream despite my eczema. It absorbs well and quickly! Not greasy at all and I like that! It smells good and spreads well. I'm completely convinced! I also use it on my pregnant belly.


All statements they have made are accurate. The service was excellent, our order was delivered quickly and the package was neatly packaged. The product complies with the description. My son finds it pleasant to apply and enjoys doing so. I can't say much about the effectiveness yet, as we have only been using it for a week, but so far we are very satisfied.


For years I have suffered from painful cracks on my fingers in the autumn and winter. I have been using various creams for years to soothe this and heal my cracks but unfortunately nothing has worked until now. Temporary relief just after applying the cream seemed to be the highest achievable. However, I have been using Rivaana for a week now and the pain has disappeared and the cracks are disappearing.


The order was easy via the user-friendly website.
The cream spreads very nicely! You only need a little. We use it for a toddler (has a mild rash and dry skin) and a baby.


As an avid athlete with a busy life, I was looking for a cream that kept me hydrated throughout the day. The feeling of freshness and care after your morning ritual. I have oily skin myself, so sebum is not my friend. However, with every skin test there is another skin product, I don't think it has to be that complicated. Without prejudice to other brands, I can say that I have tried everything and anything. But halfway through the day it didn't feel like it should. This does something to you.

As an athlete, I go for high-quality nutrition/vitamins and I also think it is important to offer my skin the same quality. After the clear explanation on the website about the ingredients, I ordered the product. Her personal story also convinces me that she really put time and effort into the product.

The cream offers me a simple all-in-one solution.


Good, nice smelling cream. I always suffer from dry/chapped skin in winter, but with Rivaana the problem is solved. I definitely recommend Rivaana!