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My newborn daughter had dry and flaky skin just after giving birth. I immediately noticed a difference when I applied the cream. Her dry skin was immediately nourished and the spots seemed a lot less dry. I did this for a few days. Great that her skin responds well to it and also smells wonderful.


I am really happy with this cream! I am currently heavily pregnant, so I would really like to use this cream for my baby. My hands really like this cream despite my eczema. It absorbs well and quickly! Not greasy at all and I like that! It smells good and spreads well. I'm completely convinced! I also use it on my pregnant belly.


Pleasant, well-scented cream. My dry legs look very fresh and soft after 2 weeks of use. I am a fan!


I use it daily. I am unlucky enough to have had a huge eczema outbreak in the last 6 weeks and it took a lot of (unfortunately) applying hormone ointment to calm it down.
In between I apply the sample, among other things. It spreads nicely and smells nice. At first my skin had to get used to it and it stung.
Sometimes I'm unlucky and it flares up again and I have to work hard to calm it down. I don't know whether it helps to calm the skin, but once my skin calms down a bit, I notice that it softens.


The smell is absolutely wonderful. When I opened the jar, I smelled it right away. I feel like smearing it all over my body straight away. My son now has to believe it too.